Working with Japanese Companies for Foam Processing Tai-Jih, established in 1976, is technically cooperating with Japanese companies, focusing on processing of PP and PE foams. Currently, the main applications embrace the following market segments: automobile, home appliance, tape base material, industrial insulation application, and packaging for TFT-LCD industry.

High Quality is Guaranteed

We are highly concerned with the quality issues which had led us to the acquisition of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and GPMS (Green Product Management System) certifications.

Highly Recognized by JIPM

In 2008, our company was awarded by JIPM for TPM Excellence Category A. We are proud that a leading company's effort can be recognized by the world.

Committed to Satisfying Clients' Needs

We aim to provide high-quality and value-added products and professional services to satisfy customers' needs. All of our people are concerning and realizing the primary principle which generates our core values: Sincerity, Discipline, Innovation Speed Teamwork, Learning and Growth. We look forward to working with you. Call now.

Our Mission:

Providing high quality and value added products and professional services to satisfy customers' needs is the mission we devote ourselves to. All of the TAI JIH ' s people are concerning and realizing the primary principle which generate our core values.

Sincerity Discipline
Innovation Speed
Teamwork Cooperation
Learning Growth

Members of the TAI JIH team are making their own contribution to fulfill these core values. We are convinced that it is an action rather words.

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Tau Jih Plastic Co.,Ltd-Factory

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